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Name:Max Evans
Location:Roswell, New Mexico, United States of America

"Well I prefer the term, "Not of this Earth."

Name: Max Evans
Family: Phillip Evans (Adoptive Father), Diane Evans (Adoptive Mother), Isabel Evans (Sister), Zan (Son with Tess Harding), Liz Parker-Evans (Wife)
Allies: Michael Guerin, Alex Whitman, Sheriff Jim Valenti, Kyle Valenti, Maria de Luca
Abilities: Leptokinesis, Force Field Projection, Healing, Telekinesis, Connecting
Bio: In a previous existence, Max was Zan, king of the planet Antar. After Zan's death, his people used his DNA and the DNA of human donors to create two sets of alien/human hybrids or clones of him and the rest of the Royal Four of Antar. These include Isabel Evans (Vilandra, Zan's sister), Michael Guerin (Rath, Vilandra's betrothed husband and Zan's second-in command), and Tess Harding (Ava, Zan's bride). The clones were sent to Earth to hide them from their enemies especially Kivar who killed Zan and the others back on Antar.

The craft carrying Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess crashes in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The U.S. Army finds the alien pods and takes them to a base for study. The four are saved by a United States Air Force pilot and stashed in a new ship hidden in a rock formation. About 40 years pass before the clones emerge in 1989. Max, Isabel, and Michael leave the pod together, looking like human children about 6 years old. The three characters are in blank slates with no memories of life on Antar, nor of the fourth hybrid, Tess (who is separately rescued by an Antarian with an agenda). Max and Isabel are found together by a couple of lawyers, the Evans', who adopt the two and make a loving and stable home for them. Max ends up revealing what he is when he saves the life of Liz Parker when she is shot. He also later saves Kyle earning Sheriff Valenti's promise to keep them safe. (more)

Disclaimer: Max Evans is a character from the television show Roswell. Jason Behr is his play-by. Muse, Mun, as well as the play-by are all over the age of eighteen.
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